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FilmLOC® manufactures INTELLI-PLAC®, Reusable Label Holders for Returnable Packaging and Warehouse Racking/Shelving.  They are made with no silicone top coating and are the only green placard - they can be recycled with plastic containers.  Now available with Biomaster® durable antimicrobial product protection.  They can be sanitized without destroying the integrity of the placard.  INTELLI-PLAC® placard label holders are used for labeling and relabeling almost anything.  We also have specialty tapes for the reusable packaging industry.   IN STOCK FOR IMMEDIATE SHIPPING!   PROUDLY Manufactured in Georgia, USA.  Patent #US 7,892,598

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INTELLI-PLAC® is a patented silicone-free intelligent surface placard label holder for labeling and re-labeling almost anything.

INTELLI-PLAC warehouse rack and shelving label holders reusable


Antimicrobial Placard Label Holder



Our newest INTELLI-PLAC® placard label holder, the SILVER Series, is protected 24/7 with Biomaster® silver ion antimicrobial technology.  This ensures a 99.9% cleaner surface from damaging microbes versus untreated surfaces. The durable Biomaster® protection will last the lifetime of the INTELLI-PLAC® placards.

INTELLI-Plac Label Holder Placard

INTELLI-PLAC® X2 Placards feature an extra strength permanent adhesive perfect for rigorous cleaning and exposure to extreme temperatures and weather.  

Makes racking and shelving clean and neat.  Bin location and other labels can be moved easily when relocating inventory.  Can be applied over old label residue or to new rack surfaces.

Woven PP Repair Tape 9615 at
Silencer Label Press Attachments at
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Woven PP Repair Tape and Other Tapes

Unique press attachment for running self wound lamination with years of proven experience in the field.

INTELLI-PLAC X2 Xtra Strength Adhesive Label Holders