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Featuring X2 Adhesive for Even Stronger Adhesion and Reliability In Any Environment

INTELLI-PLAC® X2 is a patented silicone-free intelligent surface placard label holder featuring our extra strength permanent adhesive for added performance in extreme temperatures, weather and excessive cleaning.  X2 can be used for labeling and re-labeling almost anything - including reusable containers and totes, racks, shelves, skids, pallets, equipment, manufactured goods in process, shipping crates, insulated bags, and other items.

  • Tested 500 Times in a Hobart Tote Washer with No Change or Damage to Placard Surface.  No change in adhesion to the container.

  • The INTELLI-PLAC® X2 placard label holder has extra strength adhesive and a silicone free embossed surface that is more durable so that you get more trips and longer use per placard.

  • These innovative placard label holders help increase savings - use indoors or outdoors (even in extreme weather conditions) with no deterioration in adhesion (lifting) or surface.

  • Service Temperatures -20 to +180 Degrees F.  Application temperature +20 Degrees F.  24 Hours to ultimate adhesion.

  • Proven durable and reliable in laboratory tests, INTELLI-PLAC® is ideal as a material handling label holder, rack label holder, pallet placard as well as a shelf talker label holder.

  • Other placard label holders have silicone coated surfaces that can wear away during re-labeling, washing or exposure to chemicals, and make it more difficult to remove labels.

  • Orders placed by 1pm Eastern Time for Stock Sizes ship SAME DAY

Manufactured in the USA - Patent # US 7,892,598

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