Our newest INTELLI-PLAC® placard label holder, the SILVER Series

Our newest INTELLI‐PLAC® placard label holder, the SILVER Series, is protected 24/7 with Biomaster® silver ion antimicrobial technology.   
This ensures a 99.9% cleaner surface from damaging microbes versus untreated surfaces.
The durable Biomaster® protection will last the lifetime of the INTELLI‐PLAC® placards.
These durable placards with our X2 extra durable adhesive can also be cleaned and sanitized multiple times.
No silicone so they can be recycled with HDPE and PP containers and do not contaminate surfaces.

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Our standard adhesive conforms to FDA 175.105 for indirect food contact, child toy safety act and CONEG regulations.

Guaranteed Excellence.  MADE IN THE USA.


100% Recyclable

  • Other placard label holders have silicone coated surfaces that can wear away during re-labeling, washing or exposure to chemicals, and make it more difficult to remove labels.

  • Because it is manufactured from a single layer, embossed polymer, INTELLI-PLAC® has no silicone or other contaminating coatings.  

  • The silicone free composition allows INTELLI-PLAC® to be recycled when applied to HDPE and PP containers.


Antimicrobial - Silver Ions Embedded

  • 24/7 protection with Biomaster antimicrobial technology embedded into the film.  99.9% cleaner surface from damaging microbes.

  • With X2 extra strength permanent adhesive.

  • The durable Biomaster® protection will last the lifetime of the INTELLI‐PLAC® placards.


Easy to Apply

  • Our patented, special embossed surface for adhesive labels reduces label contact without compromising adhesion and prevents adhesive residue buildup, permitting extensive re-use and re-labeling.  

  • Easier to apply than other thinner placards.  Save time and reduce waste.

  • INTELLI-PLAC® works with many standard thermal transfer and direct thermal printable label substrates.


Can be sanitized.  Use indoors or outdoors.

  • INTELLI-PLAC placards last longer, perform better and have a more diverse range of applications than competitive products.

  • Laboratory tests indicate INTELLI-PLAC®‘s single layer embossed surface withstands exposure to washing, chemicals, variable temperatures, and extreme weather better than multi-layer silicone surface placards.

  • Tested over 500 times in a Hobart Tote Washer with no change to surface or appearance.


Time is Money.  

Save time scraping labels - no more of that with INTELLI-PLAC placards.  Save money on missed shipments, mislabeled racks and containers and inventory errors.  Reduce customer complaints.
Easier to apply than other thinner placards.  Reduces waste.



Improve Efficiency & Security

We can customize your placards with RFID for added security during container or product movement. Affordable and highly efficient for every step of inventory and shipping processes.