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Woven PP Repair Tape and Other Tapes

#9615 Super Bond Tape

High strength reinforced woven PP tape with an extremely aggressive adhesive.  Repair tape for patching Super Sack containers, bulk bags, FIBC’s, bales, woven fabric and tarps; for strapping and banding of various types of products that require extra strength; for seaming carpet backings for industrial and consumer use and for other industrial applications.  Exceptional for use in applications that require extra strength and an aggressive adhesive. 

Easy to apply and approved for indirect food contact by FDA regulation title 21, subpart B, section 175.105.

Can be sewn.

Manufactured in the USA.

Splicing and Tabbing Tapes

For splicing or tabbing film or paper substrates for flexo, digital and other printing applications. Available in a variety of films, adhesives, and colors.

woven pp repair tape
repair tape patches
Super Bond Repair tape application
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