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Sohn Rotary Wizard 1000 - WF Digital Finisher

Sohn Rotary 1000 refurb.jpg

Auto-registering modular rotary laminating and die-cutting label press.

  • One pass complete finishing of preprinted labels.

  • Laminate, die cut, strip matrix, slit and rewind onto cores.

  • USA constructed in Wisconsin UL approved

  • 60 years Sohn been in business building label making equipment

  • Aluminum plate anodized 25mm thick construction

  • Servo motors utilized on all driven mandrels and die station.

  • Adjustable reader for black marks adjusts across the full web width

  • Mandrels are 3” OD with mechanical lock down. Does not require compressed air supply.

  • Automatic register of position the rotary cutting die to cut the material in register with the printed image.

  • Touch control panel to easy to operate. One step to home the cutting die in register

  • Magnetic rotary die-cutting cylinder Non-removable that utilizes economical flex dies.

  • Die-cutting station uses a digital controlled operating system

  • Modular design that can be updated at later date by adding other options listed below.

  • 110 Volts electric supply.

New Price

L901 Industrial Color Label Printer

Powerful in Both Roll-to-Roll and Inline Applications

The L901 combines industrial design, exceptional image quality, and high production speeds with a new ability to service and maintain the printhead “on-the-fly.” This makes the L901 perfect for long roll-to-roll jobs or inline integration with label finishers, applicators, dispensers and more. Producing vibrant full-color prints in high resolution of 1600dpi is now more economical than ever, thanks to five high-capacity 250ml CMYKK ink cartridges delivering a new ultra-low cost per label.


Demo Special Price


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