INTELLI-PLAC® is a patented silicone-free intelligent surface placard label holder for labeling and re-labeling almost anything - including reusable containers and totes, racks, shelves, skids, pallets, equipment, manufactured goods in process, shipping crates and other items. These innovative placard label holders helps increase savings. Proven durable and reliable in laboratory tests, INTELLI-PLAC® is ideal as a material handling label holder, rack label holder, pallet placard as well as a shelf talker label holder. Other placard label holders have silicone coated surfaces that can wear away during re-labeling, washing or exposure to chemicals, and make it more difficult to remove labels. The INTELLI-PLAC® placard label holder has a silicone free embossed surface that is more durable so that you get more trips and longer use per placard. Manufactured in the USA - Patent # US 7,892,598

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